A falling leaf

Some days, I just sit here and watch. Here. Now.

A falling leaf. A leaf that has accomplished its aim in the world and is now dropped by the tree, no longer needed. It floats, it dances briefly, waving goodbye, and falls. It now paves my new way. Thank you, my dear. Know that your life was not unnoticed. Farewell.

I have to let it go now. It will decay and, with time, it will feed a new tree.

Maybe Autumn, ‘Fall’, is the time to let go of things that touched us, that gave us life, but are now no longer needed. Fallen, disposed of, those experiences, lessons, smiles, tears, tunes now lay a carpet of leaves encouraging us to continue.

Sometimes I have the feeling that the world is there just to mirror my own projections

If there is no time, if there is only now, then there is only here. To change my spot to a different place, I need time. With no time, there is no change. Change is the measure of time. If there is no time, I can only be here.

And here we are, dear fellow stranger. Time and Space have folded so that you and I can be on this page here and now. Each of us in our own here and our own now, and yet, united here and now on this page through space and time.

Well, I am an introvert, so it does feel a bit crowded…

Still, finding nice souls, for lack of a more appropriate word… (my logical mind fights, I don’t want to be one of those soul people… but I am, aren’t I?) Finding nice souls on the internet, in blogs that transpire a depth of wisdom, of peace, make me feel more at home. Here. Now. Even if we are supposed to be miles and eons away.

I wonder if my unconscious abides by the laws of time and space… it just seems to float with an aim of its own. Sometimes I just feel happy to watch and to see where it will carry me. Other times I just want to kick it in the ass (or somewhere else, more painful). Still, we enjoy an almost healthy relationship, thank goodness.

Sometimes I just find it difficult to reconcile my inner self with my ‘real’ outer-world life and it makes me feel like an imposter. Sometimes outside, sometimes inside. Still, I am glad I can lower the high barriers of my logical mind to let the cool Autumn wind through, with its flair of uncanny wisdom and poetry.