Little gods

It seems to me that most gods in the different mythologies are quite childish. If they don’t get their way, they release their wrath. I am guessing they never got ‘no’ for an answer. What did they want all that power for? They were bored and lacked a purpose. I wonder if they created men out of sheer boredom.

Myths are a reflection of the collective unconscious, so in reality, we created the mythological gods. Or at least, something in us did, unconsciously. Our ego was just the vehicle, as it so often happens. This makes much more sense since they are more alike to us than we to an ideal god.

I was always fascinated by mythologies that included an evil dark god or demi-god. Some angel who was unhappy because its ambitions were not matched by its achievements or its rewards. Maybe the other demi-gods or even God Itself did not see how special it was. It shut off, sulked for a few million years and came back with thirst for revenge. As childish as it gets.

I find it fascinating that instead of accepting good and so-called evil in each demi-god or god, evil qualities are placed on a separate individual, who is now to blame for all that is bad in the world and, obviously, all that is bad in us, which is now inspired by this dark god. In Idhún’s Memories, the six major gods go as far as getting rid of the negative qualities they didn’t like in themselves and placing them on a new seventh god who now, inevitably, becomes their enemy for eternity.

It is hard for us to acknowledge our evil nature, our disgusting qualities, our shadow. It is much easier to project it onto someone else. We can then despise them, fight them as the embodiment of all that is ‘bad’. But we are just fighting ourselves, to no avail.

Good and evil gods are another reflection of our dual mind, which we try to escape from. In my opinion, the only ‘escape’ from this duality is acceptance. Acceptance of reality, which is neither good nor evil, it just is. Living in the present, with no judgement, allows us to appreciate reality as it is (as far as we are capable of) and to enjoy its subtleties.